ArmorThane: The Original Heated High-Pressure Bedliner System


ArmorThane has unmatched experience with protective coatings as the original developers of the heated high-pressure bedliner system. While cold, low-pressure application causes uneven coverage, the temperature-controlled system results in uniform texture and a tough, factory-direct finish.

Long-Lasting Protection

In contrast to drop-in bedliners that can cause cargo slippage, ArmorThane’s industrial-grade spray-on application provides a complete protective barrier, extending the life and increasing the resale value of your vehicle.

  • The perfect balance of flexibility and rigidness, allowing for maximum impact resistance
  • Prevents moisture damage, rust, scratches, and chemical corrosion from toxic substances including gasoline, oil, and fertilizers
  • Withstands severe temperatures from -40 to 200 F
  • Permanent adhesion determines no cracks, warps, or peeling

Same-day bedliner service

Maximum Efficiency

  • Helps your payload stay in position and offers sound-dampening features
  • Minimal effect on cargo capacity, leaving access to tie-downs, fifth wheels, toolboxes, and other accessories

Uniform Coverage

The heated high-pressure application provides consistent coverage and feel with no imperfections, drips or uneven areas.

Same-Day Service

The bedliner sets in moments and can be walked on in minutes and ready for use in just hours.

Unlimited Applications

The coating bonds to just about any surface, including aluminum, steel, concrete, fiberglass, and wood.

Truck and other vehicle protection

Fade-Resistant Gloss

Arma Gloss, our water-based, UV-resistant topcoat, prevents fading and stains. Available in an arrangement of colors, the gloss revitalizes the luster of any bedliner or polyurethane surface.

Excellent Craftsmanship

To ensure the highest customer service and craftsmanship level, ArmorThane offers the most comprehensive training, certification, and support to our dealership partners.

  • Even texture and coverage
  • No tracks and sags
  • Laser-straight trim lines
  • Factory-direct results

Custom Colors

They even offer customized colors by request.

More Truck Coating Options

They offer spray-on coating for other areas of your truck, including bumpers, roll bars, toolboxes, running boards, lower body panels, canopies, truck racks, and the underside offenders.

  • Travel trailers
  • Horse and boat trailers
  • Utility and equipment trailers
  • Motor home roofs
  • Delivery truck floors, inclines, and steps
  • Van and SUV interiors
  • Jeep and four-wheeler body restoration
  • Heavy commercial machinery bodies
  • Even Military vehicles

Contact ArmorThane

Contact ArmorThane to learn more about their bedliners or to become a dealer.

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